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Services - Installation Services

No matter what type of furniture you select, the intricacy of office furniture installations today warrants close communication between everyone involved in the final process. At Office Furniture Solutions, we will coordinate and supervise your entire project regardless of its size or complexity. We make it a point to get to know the completion date, the installation drawing, the site, the product and our customer's expectations.

Our professional installation teams know what to do, and when to do it. It is not just their experience, but also their attention to detail, their skill and their inventiveness that sets them apart from the competition. We will coordinate with the project schedule, review the size of corridors and elevators, and evaluate the available drop and staging areas. Once on site, we will protect wall and floor surfaces and arrange for the disposal of packing cartons and materials. Our work is not done until the furniture is wiped down, leveled, adjusted, checked and approved.

Our installation services include:

Pre-installation services

  • Developing installation plans to meet your schedule
  • Incorporating existing products into plans as needed
  • Installation services
  • Staging and sequencing
  • Disassembly of any current product in place
  • Installing every brand of office furniture
  • Ensuring your installation is completed on-time and on budget
  • Conforming to carefully constructed quality standards and controls


  • Removing all associated debris
  • Conducting post-installation site inspections

Additionally, we offer complete reconfiguration services to accommodate growth, staff reduction, personnel changes, or corporate restructuring. We can rearrange your office space to integrate new workstations into your existing systems, or we can effectively redesign and rebuild your existing systems in your current space, meeting your design requirements and improving the environment for increased productivity.