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Office Furniture Rental Programs

In some cases it just makes sense to rent!

With cost cutting on every office manager's mind, sometimes it makes sense to rent, not own, your office furniture. And our ability to provide furniture rental/lease plans means you can save on the bottom line while maintaining a professional image.

Whether you simply need to rent a conference table or need furnishings for an entire office suite, Office Furniture Solutions has the plan to get you the fixtures you need at rates you can afford!

Give us a call or email us and see how our rental resources can serve your needs.

Just a few reasons you may want to use our rental or lease option:

  • Temporary furniture replacement due to catastrophic damage such as flood or fire.
  • Furniture is likely to be needed for two years or less
  • Location where the furniture is to be used over the next two years is uncertain
  • Location might change, move, or upgrade and need new furnishings
  • Want to avoid the initial expense of furniture purchase
  • Need to preserve capital by avoiding the total cost of furniture purchase
  • Furniture rental expenditure is a business expense or funded moving expense
  • Permanent furniture is delayed due to shipping, transportation, or manufacturing issues